Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crikey! Delay the barbie!

Yeah. It snowed most of the day today. Yup, April 22nd. There was an audible collective groan heard 'round southcentral. What's that song- Breaking Up is Hard To Do? Well that's certainly the case for break-up around here. Wet and sloppy. Normally, I would just want to fast forward to mid-May, but I think it might still be snowing. Crikey! So, I did NOT make the lottery for Mt. Marathon on July 4th. I have to admit I'm a bit relieved that the final step of a stupid endeavor was taken out of my hands. I was a bit concerned about crippling myself on the downhill due to a. my inability to handle downhilling well due to a fear of killing myself and b. my complete lack of grace (me on X-country skis- scary). Maybe next year... Here are my friends, David Johnston and Lil Davey at Fenway in Boston last week: So, Dave claims that he runs Boston every year but I think he and Lil D just go on a vacation, he finds a stunt double for the race(how hard can that be, 3:15 BM finisher with long blond ponytail and perennial smile on his face?) and they bum around Beantown seeing the sights. Any truth to that, Dave? Yea, yea. Congrats on the finish! Best time in 3 years (I stopped looking after 2008). Must be those triple Lazys. How 'bout those fans? Any heckling this year? Rough crowd. So everybody says that Dave's the happiest runner they know but I think he's the smartest. He makes sure he sends pics to all of his friends with blogs so they can blog his life for him. Gives him more time for running while we're hunched over, finger-pecking at the keyboard. I'm going to tell Evan to boycott all Dave pics unless he has a grimace on his face. Dave is one of a few expected repeat offenders and frequent mentions on this blog (Yvonne is another). Dave and I tentatively agreed (it was tentative, right?) to adventurously (stupidly?) plan on running the ITI 350 in 2012. I warned him of my tendency to whine, bitch and fall into a variety of funks. He said he doesn't really hear very well. And he promised me all of his peanut butter cups. So I think we'll be fine. And lastly, in honor of the snow/freezing rain: "the sun is a prodigal one that seems bent upon giving itself a bad name.... I hope for your sake I've changed and I hope for my sake I've managed to remain the same..." -Josh Ritter, Rainslicker I'm off to dream about green grass (next issue- "this is a simple game...")

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  1. em in the lower 48May 19, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    Nice blog. Go Brother Dave!!