Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are all half crazy....

...and all at least half alright. That's right, Josh. That just about sums it up. Today, I visited the Whistler collection at Glasgow University and an Exhibit called "The Glasgow Boys", of several local painters in the late 1800s. Both were excellent. I just got back from Josh Ritter. Just awesome. First time I've seen him with a band, and they were great. They all looks pretty nerdy and have got to lose the mustaches, but otherwise, perfect:
"If I could trace the line that ran
between your smile and your slight of hand,
I'd guess that you put something up my sleeve.
Now every time I see your face,
Bells ring in a far off place.
We can find each other, this way I believe."
I'm off to start the West Highland Way tomorrow.
Bye Bye, city.
P.S. - I'm now addicted to the Stieg Larsson series. Thank god #3 is in paperback over here already. Now I'm convinced everyone over here is ensconced in some kind of illegal activity. Don't worry. I'm resourceful. Salander is a good teacher.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Embarcadero Skies

Well, I made it, mom. No worries, as they say over here (for just about everything, actually- thanks, your welcome, here's your espresso). I'm staying in a hotel close to the West side, by Glasgow Univ. There's a great park, Kelvensgrove, about a 5 minute walk away. You can see the university campus in the background: You can also see that it's sunny. I think somebody told me it rains over here... I found all of this shortly after arriving because I couldn't check in right away. So off I went exploring, which Glasgow is great for- walking around- they make it really easy with a lot of pedestrian-only streets and a compact downtown area. After checking in, I took a nap and then.... Headed to Wilco at Barrowland across town. Once again, an awesome show. Jeff was...not unhappy. Very strange to see his angst morph into...less angst. He even talked to the crowd. He was happy to be among what he called "his people"- he said "I've been waiting to come back, I missed you guys in Glasgow. You're my people. You're all grumpy, right?" Ah, that sums it up nicely. Though I love Jeff and relate so much to his grumpiness, the real star of the night was Nels Cline: What a rock star. He is incredible with a guitar. They played all my favorite songs- Via Chicago, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Red eyed, "When you're back in your old neighborhood...." and the following: "I have no idea how this happened All of my mouths have been overthrown. Happenstance has changed my plans so many times, my heart has been outgrown." It got quiet at one point and some guy in the crowd yells "We love Wilco!" and Jeff looks at him and says "well, I'd presume that why you're here...". heh, heh. After the show I somehow got into a conversation with a group of guys about the Kings of Convenience and they found out I was from Alaska. One of them was aghast (as only a scot can be) that I wasn't on Facebook. "you're from Alaska! If there's anywhere you need social networking, I'd think that'd be the place!" There were a lot of other words thrown in there but I didn't really understand them. Thanks, Wilco. So today I went off exploring for Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis. I stopped to have some fish and chips and a pint. No, that's not Guacamole. It's "mushy peas". Taste and texture just like you'd imagine. So the signage is funny over here. Somehow, this translates to "No littering". Now, I didn't think really hard about it but if somebody could help me out with this one... And lastly, the Necropolis. So behind the Cathedral, there's this big hill that was used as a cemetery for the Merchant class in the 1800s. It's awesome. There are mausoleums and huge headstones and it towers over the city. It's amazing to see the headstones at the top of the hill with high rises and smokestacks in the background. Tomorrow- art day and Josh Ritter. Gotta go, it's costing me 2 pounds per 1/2 hour. Cheers!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I wanna be your Kingpin...

Beautiful day to be alive, at the top of Mat Peak. Are your ears still ringing, Dave? You've been the hot topic of conversation lately. Take care of that T.
McCarthy comin' soon....

Thursday, September 9, 2010


A hard days' work, a run with the dogs through the woods and a Guinness. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wish you were here. Cheers.