Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are all half crazy....

...and all at least half alright. That's right, Josh. That just about sums it up. Today, I visited the Whistler collection at Glasgow University and an Exhibit called "The Glasgow Boys", of several local painters in the late 1800s. Both were excellent. I just got back from Josh Ritter. Just awesome. First time I've seen him with a band, and they were great. They all looks pretty nerdy and have got to lose the mustaches, but otherwise, perfect:
"If I could trace the line that ran
between your smile and your slight of hand,
I'd guess that you put something up my sleeve.
Now every time I see your face,
Bells ring in a far off place.
We can find each other, this way I believe."
I'm off to start the West Highland Way tomorrow.
Bye Bye, city.
P.S. - I'm now addicted to the Stieg Larsson series. Thank god #3 is in paperback over here already. Now I'm convinced everyone over here is ensconced in some kind of illegal activity. Don't worry. I'm resourceful. Salander is a good teacher.

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  1. Glad to see you've been posting. I received your postcard and wanted to write you back. I'm sure you are having an amazing time! Also, glad to hear you love the books- they are amazing! Miss you bunches! Keep us posted! The leaves are changing, the sun is still shining, the evenings require a coat-not a jacket- and I ran into a black bear today. -Bran