Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Running and Dad's here!

Whew. Time runs away from me. Let's see, what's been happening... Yvonne came up this past weekend, yea! We ran the Twilight 12K (no vampires or werewolves) on the 4th. Holy tough at the end of a day. With about 1K to go, Yvonne starts trying to have a conversation with me. I gasped " I can't talk right now". And what does she say in return? I guess I should be running faster then, huh? I think she was kidding. But I'm not sure. Skyline has turned her into an animal ("my courage is roaring like the sound of the sun..I'm an animal, you're an animal, too-N. Case) Anyhoo, we thought we really improved on our time from 2008. Had to e-mail Skinny Raven to look it up- 2008 was 30 secs faster than this year. Hmm. I think maybe they looked at the wrong name...the hills went great. We finished strong. Moving on to the next race- Mayor's 1/2.
Leo says high five, dudes. Nice work. Me-ow.
Next day- Red Shirt Lake Trail Run. The sun and 60's we ordered was shipped overnight and arrived just in time. 42 runners, awesome. Lots of moola for the Library.
Yvonne and I at the trail head, crackin' the whip. No bright eyes, no bushy tails. From far away it looks like we are smiling but I think we're both grimacing from lack of sleep, bright sun and caffeine deficiency.
The four front runners, post race, comparing notes.....on something. L to R- Beau (4th), Nils (1st), Dave (3rd), Tim (2nd). Nice job guys.
Dad came in on Tuesday night. We, of course, headed up to the Roadhouse in Talkeenta for a half-standard this morning. Yum. Gave Dad his Father's day gift early- a book on the history of the St. Louis Cardinals. He reads little blurbs to me now and then, it's cool. We had a very intense discussion on the rules of wins, losses and saves. Again. it's always hard for me to remember who gets what when. I think I've got it now. We're planning to go to a Miner's game over in Palmer.
Josh Ritter's new CD- very good. Change of Time, I keep playing it over and over. Willow's SICK of it (her emphasis). Just picked up Dawn Landes' CDs in the mail. Stay tuned...
"Some prophecies are self-fufilling. I've had to work for all of mine.." JR