Friday, April 30, 2010

Dreams and Reality.... and Kilts

Do you remember that time in your life, young, naive and innocent, when you were struck with the realization of where you were meant to be and what you were meant to do? For me, it was the first time I watched my favorite movie, Out of Africa. The sun filters through the dusty African highlands, the trees spread out, giraffe glide along and you hear- "I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills..." Yup, that was me. My dream was realized. I want to be her- brave, adventurous, traveling to Africa. Yadda yadda. Well, this did not happen. I am not the re-incarnated Karen Blixen. I did not marry a baron, I don't grow coffee and I have yet to make it to Africa. And I'm ok with all this. After all, her husband gave her syphilis, her coffee plantation failed and she chronically struggled with anorexia and had to move back to Denmark. So, when a movie is made of my life, it will start out like this.... The rustle of animals running through the trees, grey clouds with blue sky peeking out, nothing green, the toes of Xtra-toughs walking through the mud of break-up and a voice... "I had a bus in Alaska, on the back 40 acres...." Her name is Maude. I'm looking for another one, Harold, to keep her company. If you want a true Chris McCandless-esque experience, she's for rent. And you don't even have to ford a river to get there. Actually, I've been told that you aren't a true Alaska land owner unless you have a bus on your property. Lucky me. Just watch out for the killer wolf in the lower right hand corner. He looks hungry. I signed up for the Loch Ness Marathon today. It's in the beginning of October which means I'll be in Scotland around that time for a couple of weeks. I've had some people ask me Why Scotland? I've told some the truth, made up a couple of lies or said "because". So for everybody else, I'll give a few multiple choice options and leave it at that: a. because castles are cool b. I hope to find a portal to the past that will drop me sometime into the world of kilts, swords and pagan worship (witches are a must, as well as a Jamie Fraser-like character) c. hiking and running the highland trails looks fun d. Gerard and I have secretly agreed to meet and run the marathon together e. Scotland reminds me of Alaska in many ways so why not go somewhere that looks exactly the same as where I live now? f. Kilts g. Wool sweaters h. I feel I've mastered the skill of driving in America and I love it so much that I'm ready to try the other side i. I have an intense love of Celtic (hard 'C', right Paula?) music, especially if made to sound like an 80's rock band and played continuously for 3-4 months non-stop (this one's for you, Dennis, heehee) j. Kilts And in other news, zee rrrrhubarb is up. Asparagus still MIA. Oh and Yvonne and I did THREE Hatcher Pass Hills today. yowza. AND had our best time so far on the second. Take that, Palmer-side hillers.


  1. Too hungover to run today, but the palmer side hillers will be back


  2. I'm excited for your opportunity to run in Scotland, but bummed that Adelle and I won't get to cheer you on in Chicago this year.

  3. Ummmm....YOU and Gerard. I think you meant ME and Gerard. I'm not sharing! You can have Clive, Hugh, and Vince. I'm also willing to give you part-time access to James McAvoy, but Butler is mine! Grrrr.... :)

  4. So the Scotland plan is on?
    Are you still looking for a place to stay while there?
    (And it's not just the kilts but what's under them, 'ey? :) )