Sunday, April 18, 2010

Here we go....

After 8 years in Alaska, I've decided to jot a few things down about life up here. I told myself if Mom and Dad can get online, I can show them what's going on. Leo, my right hand man, and boss of the house, is helping me get started, as you can see. Less typos that way...
First the title- from the Seth Avett song "This Night Here", lyrics at the beginning. Why? I'll let you delve into the deeper meanings...but really, I just like the song.
Spring was halfway sprung a week or so ago, then we got a dump of snow that set us back and turned my driveway into the Pit of Despair. Poor Yvonne has to park her little Yaris at the end of the driveway lest she lose it in a sink hole.
Free runs only with my partners in crime now, as the sled has been hung up for the short summer months. They don't mind, they like the lollygagger lifestyle. They've earned it. Hope to get pens up soon, if the grass ever appears. We'll start biking Shirleytown and Lynx Lake soon.
Day off running today. Yvonne and I met up with some runners in Talkeetna yesterday (there are others!) for their Saturday long run- 12 miles after the 1/2 Standard breakfast at the Roadhouse is NOT recommended. It was worth the drive and I got to see Nils, Diana and Lizzie Hahn, a family I originally met in Nome.
Other running news- Dave Johnston, coach extraordinaire, is running the Boston Marathon tomorrow, with Little Davey along as the greatest fan in the world. Good Luck, D! Hope you guys were able to catch a Sox game and a Guinness.
Might as well post my running goals for the summer so I can't go back on them- Twilight 12K beginning of June, Mt. Marathon (announcement for lottery coming out April 21st) July 4th, Crow Pass Crossing July 17th, Resurrection 50 July 31st, then the Loch Ness Marathon October 3rdish. The best laid plans....
I'll leave you with a photo of Yv and I at the halfway point of the Little Su 50K this past February. We look happy, don't we?

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