Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday, Righteous Babes and Baseball

Six years ago to the day, I looked out my kitchen window in Big Lake because Agate wouldn't stop barking at Jenna in her house. I opened the window and before I could tell Agate to stop, I heard the cry of a newborn puppy. And the Trees had sprouted- Ash, Willow, Cedar, Maple, Spruce, Oak and Aspen. Happy birthday to three of my monsters-Ash, Wills and Cedar, sleeping peacefully now after two long walks, extra cookies and hotdogs with dinner. It a special thing, to have known your dogs from the day they were born. Next up-Mr. Chum and Mr. Red on 7/31. Below, Ash Willow and Cedar, pretending to be working on our last run this spring a few weeks ago (notice how stylish Cedar is with his booties- it was all the rage this year):
On to kick-ass guitar babes Thao and Erin Mckeown. Brandy, Nancy, Darren and I met at Vagabond Blues to see Erin. We saw her on her last trip up 3 years ago. She may have a new album and a different hairstyle but she plays the guitar the same- better than most guys I've seen. Amazing to watch. What a great show. She brought her friend, Thao (solo last night but usually plays with her band, the Get Down Stay Down). I had never heard her before, but she was incredible, too. Looking forward to listening to both more.
V. Blues was perfect for the show, as always. We could have picked their noses (if we wanted to). And we had a chance to get a couple of pics. Below is Brandy with Erin after the show. Unfortunately, it doesn't due justice to a. how cute Erin actually is, b. how much Brandy is quivering with excitement and c. how well they have executed the side-hug (any arousal? I think not...).
Thanks, Erin and Thao.
And lastly, baseball, because I said I would. Ahhh.... baseball. I start to get a bit antsy up here with the lingering snow because I know I would normally be sweating it out on the field already in Missouri, otherwise known as Cardinal-land. I've had Bull Durham in the DVD player non-stop and my Cardinals partner in crime, Jon, at work (he's from Hannibal, go figure). Field of Dreams is next but my VHS is getting pretty worn out. Gord, my coach called today. First practice next week! Baseball and softball always make me think of Dad- going to his games, playing ball with him, sharing a glove because we're both Southpaws. And he always know the answers to my baseball questions. Thanks, Dad!
From Bull Durham: "This is a simple game. You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball. Got it?" If only life had three simple rules like that.
From Crash Davis, the Yogi Berra of the Durham Bulls-
"...I believe there should be a Constitutional amendment outlawing astroturf and the designated hitter..."
"..Relax, don't try to strike everybody out. Strike outs are boring. besides that, they're fascist. Throw ground balls. It's more democratic. "
And from Field of Dreams:
"What do you want?"
"I want to be left alone, I want people to stop looking to me for answers."
"No, what do you want?"
"Oh, brat and beer, please."
heh, heh. love that part...
So, If these quotes don't make sense, get your sentimental baseball hearts out to the movie store and rent Field of Dreams and Bull Durham. They'll remind you why you love the game and help you forget all the million dollar contracts and steroid scandals. Also, Shoeless Joe by J.P. Kinsella, is the book that inspired Field of Dreams. It's great.
Play ball!


  1. One of my favorite movies....

    "Is this heaven?"
    "No, it's Iowa."

    "People will come, Ray. People will come."

  2. Hey! You know what ELSE is great about April 25? It's MY birthday!!