Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Official! We're....

idiots, actually. Crazy? Yup. Has the cold frozen some vital organs necessary for rational thought? Yes, I think so. For instance, if it is so cold that you need to wear a surgical mask that is scary to those around you, maybe you should stay inside and stoke the fire:
What is too cold?
This is too cold:
Now that the 4 week cold snap is over, insanity turns to......
The Chain Gang.
Veronica, Jane, Christine, Thomas, Yvonne, Dave and I headed out to the Sweet Cream Trail today. Below, Christine is breaking trail:
It was +20 (that's right, +), so we had a couple small stretches of overflow to posthole around.
A myriad of emotions- Dave "I Could Go 100 today" Johnston, Andrea "Jesus, Whose Idea Was This" Hambach and Veronica "This Is Nothing" Beagan (sp?):
It was a great 6+ hour run, and tons of fun to meet everyone, listen to Jane's singing and chow down on some good eats at the end. And despite my cough, stomach woes (I never have stomach problems!) and crap attitude for most of the run, I know I'm better for it. At least that's what my coach says. If nothing else, I ran with some friends and Dave proved once again how much he rocks, sticking with me even during excruciatingly long walk breaks, thus one of my few smiles of the day:
"You can say that I've lived here
in honor and danger.
But I'm just an animal and can not explain a life.
Down this chain of days I wish to stay among my people.
Relation now means nothing, having chosen so divine.
And if death should smell my breathing
as it passes beneath my window,
let it lead me trembling, trembling.
I own every bell that tolls me."
Thanks, Neko, for saying it just right.

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