Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Months In....

...into sled-pulling, that is. Yvonne and Thomas stayed over after the 6+ hour sled slog. Sunday morning, four runners were spotted behind my house, sneaking out for...a run. Some would call it a "shake-out" run. Others would call it a " Yup, that DOES still hurt as much as yesterday" run. By now, one can guess who "Some" and "Others" are in this story. Lunatics. And they look happy:
It's obvious they have finally completed their transformation to the dark side. What kind of person are you on the dark side? Well, here are some examples:
1. the smell of your running clothes does not bother you anymore
2. a marathon sounds like a fun run
3. you possess more combinations of running clothing layers than you know what to do with
4. you have more than one camelback
5. you can hold your own during a gel comparison conversation
6. you don't use kleenexs
7. seat saver is on your weekly grocery list
8. you don't gain weight from a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Every night.
So it's been an interesting few weeks of running. me hacking up a lung for a few weeks, Dave unable to turn his neck, -20 degreee weather up to 35. We started a night run and it was wet heavy snow and a total slogfest:
Changed to rain and was still a slogfest, only with sopping wet clothes. And again the dogs happy to be free while Me and Jiggs keep each other company, handcuffed together:
And , yes, after 3 months of sled-pulling, Dave and I are still having fun together out there (and getting better at self-portrait positioning):
"If you gotta run, run from home..."

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