Saturday, December 25, 2010

Brrrr! Merry Christmas!

Christmas came today and with it a beautiful clear and of course cold day. It also brought wonderful friends and a realization that even with wonderful, thoughtful presents the most important thing is the love of the people around us. Yvonne beat Santa to our house by about 8 hours and settled in with Grandma Gimli to stay with us for a few days. After opening our gifts from Santa and each other, we went for a walk to catch the few minutes of sun above the horizon.
The three Musketeers, (me, Dave and Yvonne), back together again. I can't wait to go on a run together tomorrow. I might take Vonnie out for 5 hours (she says 4) while Dave gives his first run a try after "the fall".
My two Daves, in their new hats.
Cheating just a bit, as Dave and took this picture a couple weeks ago while on our first long training run, 5.5 hours. But it puts me in the holiday spirit and makes me thankful for everything in my life this year- love, health and a group of family and friends that anyone would be lucky to have.
And in case I don't get to an end of year post, I'll repeat Josh's sentiment that explains the general happenings of 2010:
"We are all half crazy
and all at least half alright."

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