Saturday, November 20, 2010

Musings of a Sled Nerd

So Jiggs and I are getting to know each other. Jiggs being the Little Orange Sled That Could. Besides trying to jump the gun a bit on the downhills, he's the perfect little plastic partner to set me on my course to insanity, I mean serenity. The dogs are loving the role reversal game. Agate likes to run along side with Jiggs, scoping out the situation. She is very clear, though, on her feelings about pulling a sled: "Don't look at me, Dude. I've done my time on the chain gang. What part of retired don't you understand? And you call that a sled? That's a plastic little scoop with a 15# weight in it. Geez. Amateurs."
Sigh. No respect from the doglot.
Dave's been indulging me and taking me and Jiggs out. At night. In the wee frosty night. I think we've got the cold weather running thing down. Icebugs, check. Neck gaiter, check. Foot gaiters, check. Boyfriend that tolerates your mental lapses, check:
Jiggs has a new bumper sticker: "Will run for chocolate". We all have our vices....
"A man needs something he can hold on to
A nine pound hammer or a woman like you.
Either one of them things will do."
Thanks, Ray.


  1. never been so cold and so warm at the same time


  2. Wow. Nothing about that post sounds the least bit fun. :-D

    I would like to snuggle Agate, though.