Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After Susitna....

Well, there is life after a 100-miler. Actually there's a lot of time suddenly to work on all that stuff you pushed aside to run instead. I taught Lil Dave how to run dogs. He's a natural. Here he is with his lead dogs, Agate and Ash on Moose Lips trail:
For Dave's birthday, we went up to Sheep Mountain Lodge for the weekend. They have great cabins with a full kitchen. They also had a hot tub room looking up to the mountains. It was nice and quiet with just a few skiiers and snowmachiners. We figured it was time to try and get lost on some different trails:
We got in some nice runs at home with great trail conditions and no impeding races looming, for me anyway.
Soon after that I headed to Toronto for a conference. Toronto's a great city- easy to walk in and next to Lake Ontario. The view from the CN Tower:
Mom met me for the week. It was a great visit. We had a chance to just hang out without work or pets to feed. Here she is, trying not to look nervous at the top of the CN Tower:
Walking downtown, we found the local Microbrewery, Steam Whistle:
The boys have been painting:
Puff got a much needed haircut:
And I've been trying out my new lightweight Keen trail shoes (special order from Active Soles). They hurt my baby cows if I go too far in them but so far I really like the feel. Light as a featha. Thanks Kathy!:
Today is Frank's (Dave's dad) and Yvonne's birthday. Hope it was a great one for both of you!
So what's up next? Well, we head to Boston for Dave's sixth Boston Marathon. And I'm running the Boston 5K. I'm afraid I won't be warmed up until the race is over.
And our next big adventure? Check it out here:
But don't tell my mom. I'm going to tell her we're going to Hawaii.....

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  1. HOLY SH%&T!!! you are the baddest woman i know. :)